What Is Microsoft Rewards? make money online with microsoft

Microsoft Reward

The Microsoft Rewards program is one of the many types of profit from the Internet on Google, which Microsoft offers to all its users in the form of gifts in return for using and adhering to their services.

In this topic, we will explain to you in detail the explanation of Microsoft Rewards and the method of obtaining and redeeming points in exchange for distinguished services without spending a profit. Therefore, do not skip any paragraph to learn everything about Microsoft Reward.

What Is Microsoft Rewards make money online with microsoft

make money online with microsoft

Microsoft introduced its Reward program to reward users for using the services of this company daily, and the profit system from Microsoft is points that people who use Microsoft systems earn and then redeem them later in exchange for other distinguished services.

The Microsoft rewards program is knowing the loyalty of users about the Microsoft brand, as this company collects data about their user experience with the services they perform and gives them points that can be used by redeeming them for other services.

The most exciting part of winning from Microsoft is that you can redeem these points for premium Microsoft services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services, Xbox Live Gold services, microsoft edge, and amazon gift card microsoft rewards.

Microsoft Rewards regions

One of the frequently asked questions about Microsoft Rewards is which cities are eligible to participate in the program. The list of countries and regions currently eligible for the Microsoft Rewards Program can be found at the following link: Microsoft Rewards regions

How to create a Microsoft account and register for the Microsoft Rewards program

After reading the previous paragraphs and if you are interested in making money and how do you get free Microsoft rewards points? You must first register in the Microsoft platform rewards program by following the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account using your Gmail account and data.

  • Click on the "Earn icon" from the menu above.

  • Follow the steps to be completed.

After microsoft rewards login, you will see many daily and weekly tasks on the Microsoft Rewards page, through which you can earn money and get bonus points for each step.

How to redeem microsoft points

  • Open your browser.
  • Head to your account on the Microsoft platform.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Go to my account icon.
  • Clicking the Redeemthe-redeem option.
  • Click the "Redeem" button to redeem your Microsoft Rewards Points.
  • Then at the end follow the necessary instructions to claim the rewards.

How to redeem microsoft points

Microsoft Rewards features

You can use Microsoft Rewards points to purchase premium subscriptions and services without spending any money and get these services from the Microsoft Store for free if you have enough points to redeem.

Are Microsoft Rewards legit?

The Microsoft Reward program is completely legitimate. In short, it is a program that rewards users with points for their positive activity on the platform, and then users can redeem these points and exchange them for many premium subscriptions.


Microsoft Rewards is a modern rewards system offered by Microsoft in nearly 130 countries around the world, as it pertains to computer users and smartphone users as well who have an account on the Microsoft website, so that this system offers them a lot of points in the form of gifts in return for doing some special activities on this global platform.

* To sign up for the free Microsoft Rewards program

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