How to earn and register on Fiverr after recent updates - Explanation of Fiverr for beginners 2023

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website or electronic platform that works as a mediator in the field of electronic services. The site connects freelancers or service providers with project owners or individuals who need these services. Fiverr is also considered the first platform in the world specialized in electronic services mediation, such as design, programming, writing, translation, digital marketing, and others.

Through the Fiverr platform, you can complete any task you want or learn a new skill and present it as a service and earn a profit from it, as Fiverr is simply a market for services where any internet user around the world can create an account on this site and buy or sell services.

The role of fiverr is to provide a platform for communication between the two parties. The site may contain a control panel used to manage services and purchase requests. In addition, Fiverr provides laws that regulate work between the service provider and the service requester, and then charges a commission of 20% of the value of each successful purchase. Deduction of this commission from the service provider.

How to earn and register on Fiverr after recent updates - Explanation of Fiverr for beginners 2023

Earn from Fiverr

How do I work on Fiverr? Here is an explanation of the main services that can be bought and sold on Fiverr 2023:

1- Graphic and Design Department: It contains all services related to graphics, photos, designs, and infographics, and also includes many subsections.

2- Digital Marketing Department: It includes all services related to digital marketing, starting from search engine optimization services, increasing the number of visitors to the site, marketing via social media and e-mail, to content writing services.

3- Writing and translation section: It includes all services related to writing and translation to and from all languages of the world.

4- Video and Animation Department: It contains all services related to video design and editing and animation design of all kinds.

5- Music and Audio Department: Includes all services related to recording and editing audio and music files, sound effects and background music.

6- Programming and Technology Section: It includes all services related to programming and technical services related to computers and modern technology.

7- Business section: includes all services related to business and finance.

8- Lifestyle section: It includes all services related to the daily life of individuals, including life advice, exercise, diet, entertainment, and others.

9- Games Section: It is the newly added section.

Features of Fiverr

1. Its smart system: One of the most prominent features of the Fiverr website is its smart and fair system that it provides to sellers and buyers, as Fiverr is characterized by a clear and transparent system that guarantees the process of buying and selling services in a fair and equitable manner. When any dispute or manipulation occurs, the Fiverr customer support team intervenes to resolve problem and guarantee the rights of the parties concerned.

2. Increasing popularity and the number of users: One of the prominent advantages of Fiverr is its growing popularity and the significant increase in the number of users, and this is an excellent opportunity for everyone, as the supply and demand system works to provide opportunities for sellers and buyers.

For the buyers on a limited budget, they can access new sellers at affordable prices, for the new sellers they can start and compete at competitive rates to get opportunities and achieve success, while the professional sellers with a long experience can offer their services at prices that suit their experience and proven quality.

In short, Fiverr is considered one of the best profit sites, as it provides equal opportunities for everyone to buy and sell services at reasonable prices and guaranteed quality.

Disadvantages of Fiverr

1. 20% commission: The 20% commission that Fiverr keeps is a large percentage, but we must take into account that it corresponds to many of the services provided by the site.

For example, Fiverr provides sellers with opportunities to obtain customers and protects them from fraud, in addition to providing a platform and support service to make the buying and selling process easy and organized. Therefore, the commission must be thought of as a cost for the services and benefits provided by the site.

2. Additional fees: Sometimes some additional services require additional fees.

In short, these reservations are not necessarily defects in the Fiverr platform, but they represent some costs and points that must be taken into account, as users can benefit from the features and benefits provided by the site in a fair and appropriate manner.

How to make money on fiverr

Top tips for making money on fiverr

In fact, when you register on Fiverr and join this large family, it does not end there, but requires you to work hard to achieve a brilliant name in this family and to become wanted by business owners and projects to implement their requests and to be eligible to start making profits, here are some tips Which will open the doors for you to work and profit in this field:

  • Try to be online all the time

Where you must be permanently present on the Internet to own opportunities as soon as they are requested and provide appropriate offers that attract customers to you. Your presence and quick communication with service seekers may give you confidence and encourage them to work with you as a diligent freelancer and a good follower. You can also achieve this by downloading the Pfeiffer application on Your mobile phone and activate notifications to remind you of everything new in a timely manner.

  • Create an attractive profile

Make sure to provide interesting information to the buyer that motivates him to buy your services. When the buyer is looking for someone to do his work, he takes a look at your profile and studies it carefully. Therefore, you must make him feel that he has found what he is looking for and that you are the right person to carry out his project.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving your SEO is the secret to your success and getting discovered by buyers. This should be among your priorities when promoting your service or product, so that people interested in it appear when searching through search engines. This can be achieved by conducting good research to find the best keywords used to describe your service appropriately, so that you are at the top of the search results.

  • Download Fiverr on the phone

Downloading the Pfeiffer application on your mobile phone can have a significant impact, by being on the site through your mobile phone, you will be permanently available and easy to reach, and this is not only to follow up on offers and opportunities regularly, but also to communicate with customers continuously and provide excellent customer service and this is One of the success factors for any freelancer on Fiverr.

  • Write quickly

The faster you write, the greater your chances of making high profits, perhaps up to $ 25 per hour. Entrepreneurs may continue to deal with you because of your fast writing skill. So, develop your writing skills and practice increasing your speed so that you can achieve this profit.

  • Raise the level to seller on Fiverr

Your work to develop your level as a seller is important, as you should always strive to increase your sales on Fiverr and obtain high ratings. This can be achieved by committing to delivering the service on time.

How to withdraw profits from the Fiverr 2023 website

There are four safe and reliable methods that you can use to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr. Here are the four methods:

  1. Bank Transfer: You can withdraw your money directly to your bank account.
  2. Paypal: Fiverr allows you to withdraw money via Paypal.
  3. Fiverr Revenue Card: You can use the Fiverr Revenue Card to withdraw money from your account on the site.
  4. Direct Deposit: This service is only available in the USA and allows you to deposit money directly into your bank account.

Please note that there is a term called “Pending Clearance” in the Fiverr platform and this means that the user will not be able to withdraw funds until 14 days have passed from the date of deposit.

This is done to enable Pfeiffer to collect the fees owed or to process refund requests, and this period usually takes between 10 to 14 days.

However, you should know that this period applies only to new users, and those who have history or experience on the site will be able to withdraw money within only 7 days.


This article is just an introduction to a series of other articles that I intend to publish in the coming days, God willing. In this article, I tried to explain to you the Fiverr website in Arabic, in addition to how to profit online and all areas of work in Fiverr that make it easier for you to do so.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on specific points you would like me to elaborate on, or would like specialized articles that explain certain things related to Pfeiffer, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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