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New WhatsApp update

The WhatsApp application for Android is currently testing a new feature called "User Name", which aims to enhance the privacy of users and enable them to hide their phone numbers, as this feature enables users to set a unique user name used to deal with contacts, instead of relying on phone numbers.

Technical sources indicated that the "Meta" company that owns the WhatsApp application is developing this new update. Through this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to add an additional layer of privacy to their accounts, and they will be able to choose an easy-to-remember and unique username instead of using the phone number to identify them. on contacts.

Latest technology news today

The WhatsApp application, through the new feature, aims to enhance the privacy of user accounts. This feature will make it easier for users who wish to hide their phone numbers to communicate with companies or strangers. In addition, this feature simplifies the process of adding new contacts without the need to share the phone number.

The date for issuing this feature has not been set for all users yet, but the site is following up on updates and working to publish new information. It is expected that this feature will make a major change in the methods of communication on WhatsApp.

The launch of this feature comes after WhatsApp recently added the Edit Messages button, which allows users to edit or delete messages they send within 15 minutes of sending.

OpenAI reward for the development of artificial intelligence

OpenAI, the official developer of AI ChatGPT, has announced the launch of a $100,000 bounty program to support innovative ideas on how to manipulate AI to address biases and other factors.

The company explained that this reward will be given to people who provide innovative answers to critical questions that contribute to solving problems related to artificial intelligence.

The British Reuters Agency indicated that this reward will not be available to emerging companies in the field of artificial intelligence, and indicated that most artificial intelligence engineers earn more than $ 100,000 annually, and their income may reach $ 300,000 for distinguished talents.

This announcement from OpenAI comes amidst controversy surrounding the biases of AI systems as a result of the data they are trained on, as well as the opinions of human programmers and their impact on the system.

Despite calling for AI regulation, OpenAI has expressed concerns about proposed rules in the EU and has threatened to walk away.

Artificial intelligence services have raised labor costs in all sectors around the world. However, there are still concerns that artificial intelligence applications may spread incorrect information or inaccurate facts.

Although there have been many calls for stricter regulations, Congress has not yet succeeded in creating new laws that significantly limit the power of this technology.

The new Fire Max 11 computer

The American company Amazon announced its new tablet computer under the name “Fire Max 11”, which is characterized by strong specifications and high capabilities, which makes it one of the best tablet computers available in the market.

Regarding the most important specifications and features of the Fire Max 11 computer from Amazon, this device may come with an elegant and solid design, in addition to an advanced screen size of 11 inches and a display resolution of 2000/1200 pixels.

The Fire Max 11 has a powerful battery that lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge, dual 8MP cameras, and state-of-the-art speakers.

As for communication technologies in the new Fire Max 11 device, it may come with modern technologies to connect to fast internet networks "Wi-Fi 6" and "Bluetooth 5.3" technology to communicate with various electronic devices, with the ability to transfer data at high speed.

Fire Max 11 price

The new Amazon tablet computer is available for purchase at prices starting at $ 229, and additional accessories can be obtained such as an external keyboard and a smart pen that can be used to control the screen, drawing and writing on it.

Fire Max 11

The best ways to protect your passwords

Whether you are shopping online or communicating with others via the Internet, you often need to register your accounts on many sites in order to continue using these services.

With the multiplicity of personal accounts of individuals comes login details especially 'passwords' which are the means of security which must be carefully maintained.

But what is the best way to keep your passwords secure?

1. Password managers

Password manager apps help create unique passwords for every website or app you use, and store them securely. In addition, you can use them to save payment card details, passport information, and other sensitive data that you want to keep private.

With a password manager app, you can eliminate the need to remember a large number of passwords by creating unique passwords and storing them securely. This helps you improve the security of your accounts and reduce the risk of hacking.

These applications are easily installed and can also be used easily, all you have to do is create an account and then enter the data that you want to store, and then click on the save button.

In this way, the applications will securely store and manage your private passwords for you.

2. Back up your data

If you lose the passwords stored in the password manager app, you will lose access to your accounts and will have to reset the passwords for each account. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a way to save a secure backup of your data.

For example, you can create a backup of your passwords by storing them in a password manager app and also keep a paper list of passwords.

In addition, you can also use encrypted cloud storage services to save a backup of your passwords. By encrypting the file containing the passwords and storing it in the cloud, you can access the backup if your original data is lost.

Things to consider to keep passwords secure

To keep your passwords safe, things like:

  • Using unsafe applications to save data: You should avoid using untrusted applications such as the notes application to save passwords, as these applications may not be encrypted and put your data at risk.

  • Using unreliable password manager applications: You should be careful when choosing a password manager application, as you must ensure that the application is reliable and complies with recognized security standards. Look for well-known applications that have positive ratings and reviews.

  • Using the same password repeatedly: You should avoid using the same password for multiple accounts to increase the level of protection.

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