Days before its launch.. Here are the most important features of iOS 17 from Apple

Features of iOS 17 from Apple

The new iOS 17 system from Apple

Apple introduced the latest version of its operating system (iOS 17) last June, which is still in the beta testing phase, and is scheduled to be ready for use later in September, coinciding with the release of new iPhone devices.

iOS 17 is a major release of Apple's operating system that aims to improve the experience of phone calls, FaceTime, and Messages. It also makes sharing easier through AirDrop and introduces smart inputs that improve speed. And accuracy of writing.

Plus, iOS 17 introduces new experiences with Journal, a brand new app coming later this year that makes journaling easier for people and also comes with Standby, a new way to view information. Which can be seen when the "iPhone" is put on charge.

Features of iOS 17 from Apple

The phone app will be updated with major improvements, including the addition of custom contact stickers, which represent a new way for users to express themselves.

Apple's new operating system allows users to comprehensively customize the way incoming calls appear, with the ability to completely change their appearance, from choosing how to display pictures or Memoji to setting the font and choosing its color. Custom contact stickers will also be available for use in external calling applications. .

As for live voicemail, it will give users the ability to see real-time transcribed text when someone leaves a voice message, and will allow them to reply while the caller is recording their message, based on what is being said.

Pre-set spam calls by carriers regarding direct voicemail will be rejected immediately, without annoying notification to the user.

Features of the new Apple operating system

The operating system (iOS 17) introduces a set of notable improvements, as all emoji can now be used as stickers in the Messages application, making it easier to express your feelings, and you can also customize stickers directly from photos using the “remove from background” feature that was introduced in iOS 16.

It allows users to add additional effects to live stickers to make them more lively, and if you use “live” animations, you can now share an animated sticker in the Messages app. Search filters may make your search more precise, allowing you to narrow down results and easily find what you are looking for.

One of the advantages of the new Apple system is that the Messages application also allows the “check-in” feature, where a family member or friend can know where you have safely arrived and your condition, and if you do not reach your destination in time or your progress stops, the recipient will be able to see your phone’s location, battery level and connection status cell phone, allowing it to provide assistance if you need it, and all of this information is encrypted to ensure privacy.

Improvements to autocorrect and spelling

The autocorrect feature has been comprehensively upgraded in iOS 17 to improve the user experience and increase its accuracy every time the user types.

The feature design has been revised to better support writing, and users can now correct errors at the sentence level to avoid grammatical errors.

iOS 17 users receive predictive text recommendations as they type, allowing them to better predict what they want to say. The feature then offers automatic filling of entire sentences, with built-in predictive guidance as they type. Thanks to this, adding entire words or completing a sentence will be easy. And comfortable.

Display information while charging the phone

The iOS 17 operating system introduces a distinctive feature known as (StandBy), which enables users to take advantage of a full-screen mode when placing the phone aside during the charging process. This feature makes it easy to see information from afar when the phone is placed on a desktop. Or a desk.

Standby can be customized to display a variety of watch styles, favorite photos, or widgets, and with support for Live Activity, Siri, receiving calls, and displaying notifications in a larger size, this feature makes the iPhone useful even when it's out of my hands. His friend.

Devices supporting iOS 17

Privacy and accessibility updates

Privacy updates include enhancing the security of communication outside of the Messages app to protect children's safety when sending and receiving content through technologies such as AirDrop, contact stickers, and FaceTime messages, as well as using the image selection tool to determine what content is being sent.

The scope of privacy has been expanded to also include video content in addition to still images, as the update also includes a new feature that warns adult users of sensitive content, which helps them avoid viewing unwanted images and videos.

In addition, the updates include an improved accessibility feature with a customizable interface called “Assistive Access,” which helps users with cognitive disabilities use iPhone easier and more independently, and the “Personal Voice” feature also provides people who may lose the ability to speak the ability to Create a sound like theirs.

Finally.. Point and Speak helps blind or visually impaired people read text through physical objects by recognizing shapes and objects using touch.

Devices supporting iOS 17

iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone XR and iPhone XS and later, but will not be available for phones like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, these devices were capable of running iOS 16, but cannot update to iOS 17.

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