How to profit from CPA and make $900 per month (Guide to profit from affiliate marketing)

How to profit from CPA and make $900 per month (Guide to profit from affiliate marketing)

There are many different ways to make money online, and these methods vary in difficulty, expected income, and skills required.

In this guide, we will discuss the topic of making a profit through CPA marketing, which is one of the most popular areas of profit in the world of e-marketing and making money online.

Affiliate marketing or CPA marketing is a type of marketing that falls within the category of affiliate marketing and is very popular and widely used in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

  • Profiting from the Internet: A guide to earning from CPA (from zero to the first $900)

Individuals can make significant profits from this type of marketing, amounting to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per day.

We are committed to providing this guide because we recognize the lack of Arabic language content in the CPA marketing space. Due to the lack of information and resources available, this field is often marginalized or unsuitable for beginners. This guide (CPA Profit Guide) was compiled using information from hundreds of articles and data as well as many books and trusted sources. This work has been presented concisely and condensed to help you understand and get started in this field, even if you are new to it.

  • ?What is affiliate marketing (CPA)

To understand the concept of affiliate marketing (CPA), you must first explain the concept of affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is considered a branch of electronic marketing and involves providing specific marketing services in exchange for a fixed commission. 

One of the most famous examples of affiliate marketing is the relationship between online marketers and online store owners. In this model, marketers receive a commission or a fixed percentage of profits when the process of selling advertisers' products is completed through the efforts of marketers and on the basis of a prior agreement.

This concept is not entirely new and existed before the advent of the Internet, as it is based on the principle of cooperation between entrepreneurs and merchants. Entrepreneurs make large profits from their sales and in return give a small portion of those profits to marketers who help them market their products.

CPA profit is based on the same principle because it depends not only on sales but also on the action taken. In this context, the term CPA means “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition”, and the action taken can be, for example:

The customer enters his personal information such as email address, phone number or zip code.

Download a specific application, game, tool or browser extension. Register on the site, forum or subscribe to the newsletter.

Participate in the survey or answer questions about the advertiser.

Contact the advertising company.

The e-marketer's commission is calculated after implementing the agreed-upon action, and the value of this commission ranges from a few dollars to $1,000 or more per action. Yes, you can get $1,000 or more per share.

  • ? What are CPA offers

CPA offers, or cost-per-action offers, are agreements between advertisers and publishers in which advertisers agree to pay publishers a fixed fee in exchange for users or visitors taking a specific action.

The word CPA comes from “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition” and the idea is to motivate users to take specific actions that serve the marketing goals of advertisers.

The challenge with these types of offers is convincing the customer to take action, whether that's registering an email address, filling out a simple form with information, or downloading a specific app or file.

In addition to simple procedures, there are also more complex procedures that may include entering into life or property insurance contracts, entering sensitive financial information such as credit card information, and other procedures aimed at earning high commissions that require skill and persuasion on the part of marketers.

Here are some examples of verbs you'll find in CPA presentations:

The customer enters his email address, zip code, phone number or calls the advertising company.

  • Types of CPA Offers

CPA offers can be divided into two main types, the first covering different and less commonly used payment models, and the second covering the respective areas. Below is an explanation of each:

First, diversify CPA offers in terms of Payout Models

A) Pay Per Sale (PPS)

In the pay-per-sale model, the marketer gets his commission when a particular sale is completed through his efforts. This template is common in e-commerce related offers, and can also be used to promote educational courses or paid software products.

c) Pay Per Install (PPI)

Pay-per-install model refers to apps in which the marketer receives a commission from every user who downloads and installs the app or software on their mobile device or computer. This template is popular for mobile demos and serves as a basic template for these types of demos.

d) Pay Per Call

The pay-per-call model is less popular than previous models and is only used in very limited areas. It can be used, for example, in the insurance industry, where a marketer needs to convince a customer to make a call, and then an insurance company representative needs to convince the customer to sign up for a particular service. The number is also used to advertise repair shop services and other service providers.

e) Revenue Share or RevShare

This model is considered one of the best payment methods for marketers because the marketer gets a percentage of the total sales generated from the customers he acquires. This type of offer is often used for services that require monthly subscriptions. When the customer renews his subscription, the marketer gets % of the value of the new subscription without the need for additional marketing efforts.

f) Pay Per Click (PPC)

In the pay-per-click model, the marketer gets a commission for convincing a visitor or customer to click on a specific link or ad. This model is generally aimed at increasing brand awareness and is not associated with direct sales. Note: Sometimes the term “cost per click” (CPC) is used instead of “pay per click” (PPC), but it refers to the same concept.

  • Secondly, areas of CPA offers or CPA Niches (classification of CPA offers according to areas)

There are many well-known and profitable CPA niches that are constantly growing. Some of these areas are seasonal or arise from current trends and disappear over time, while others remain permanent and are called “persistent.” In general, these areas are related to the three basic goals of man, namely profit, health, beauty, and love. Below I will discuss some common and recurring areas for CPA offerings. :

A) Health and Nutrition: People are constantly trying to improve their health and appearance and maintain the best possible shape. Areas such as nutrition, weight loss, and healthcare are profitable and sustainable. For example, the nutrition market can be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

b) Business, Trade and Investments: There is a large market focused on financial areas such as investment, trade and employment. People always want to increase their income and earn more money.

C) Ways and areas of making money from the Internet: This field is constantly evolving, as it is represented by freelancers, online marketing, digital currencies, e-commerce, and others. People are trying to earn more online. d) Insurance: Insurance is one of the most profitable areas of CPA offerings where commissions can reach high levels. Offer includes life, car and home insurance.

m) Gaming: The gaming industry, especially video games, has become very profitable in recent years. There are many CPA opportunities in this field

Read also: How to create a product review website (12 tips for creating a profitable website) CPA Profit Guide: How to make money as an accountant? The first step: Choose the appropriate field The most important place to start benefiting from CPA marketing is to choose the field in which you want to work

You must have extensive knowledge of your chosen field because this knowledge will help you understand the product or service you want to promote. This way you will learn about the advantages it has and how you can advertise it effectively and persuade customers. Also, this knowledge will enable you to understand customer needs Their personalities and better direct your strategy towards them.

You can initially focus on one area, but you can expand to other areas as you gain experience. You should choose a profitable niche that is very popular and has a lot of interested people to increase your chances of getting higher commissions.

Additionally, you should use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner Tool or Ubersuggest to ensure there is strong demand for keywords relevant to your chosen niche.

  • Step Two: Choose the appropriate offer

After you've chosen the industry you want to work in, you'll need to do some research and choose the right CPA offer. Choosing the right offer is the key to your marketing success. 

When choosing an offer, you need to take into consideration several factors: Offer feasibility: Check the offer's feasibility by obtaining information about its past performance and potential financial return. Country and language: Check the target countries and supported languages ​​to make sure it suits your target audience.

A- Offer duration and seasonality: Some offers are seasonal or depend on certain trends. Make sure it's relevant to current times. Limitations: Control display restrictions, e.g. 

B- Type of traffic allowed or target age group.Payment: Confirm the commission value and available payment methods.Incentives: Discover the incentives to gain customers.Contact your account manager: Contact your network account manager to get more information about the offer and how to make the most of it. .

Search for the same show: The same show may be available on different networks. Check different networks to find the best rates.

c) Consider the success conditions and limitations of this offer After Step 2, you will typically have fewer offers to choose from and will need to consider the limitations of each offer to narrow down your list.

Many offers may have some restrictions, such as: Certain types of traffic allowed. Use of certain ad formats. Targeting must be to a specific country or geographic region. Target ads only on 3G or 4G networks.

It targets a specific target group by gender or age group. There are other premises related to the form of advertising and marketing. If there are unreasonable restrictions or you cannot address them, you should exclude offers that contain these restrictions and focus on the rest .

Test OffersAt this point you will usually find a limited number of offers to choose from. To make sure you choose the right offer, you can test the offer that performs best on a small or limited budget. Through testing, the effectiveness of the offers can be evaluated in terms of financial profitability and number of potential customers. 

This step is key to choosing the offer that generates the highest possible return. In short, here are some important tips to keep in mind when selecting and reviewing CPA offers: When choosing an offer, do not rely solely on the commission size. Evaluate the RFP before selecting it. Calculate the cost Get traffic.

Please contact your account manager for more information. Compare the same offer on different networks. Visit the CPA demo page before promoting it.

  • Step Three: Choose a CPA firm or CPA Network

Experts' opinions differ on this step. Some prefer to choose CPA companies first, others recommend first choosing suitable offers on special sites displaying thousands of offers from different companies, and then joining the companies that offer them. 

But in general, I leave the decision up to you, according to what you prefer. A CPA company acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers and receives commissions from advertisers. That's why he wants to hire highly qualified marketers to work with him. That's why most CPA firms offer templates that marketers must accept. 

Marketers are evaluated based on their professional level, experience, and skills. Therefore, if you are a newbie in this field, it may be difficult for you to get accepted by some accounting firms. 

You can start by joining CPA firms that have less stringent requirements for new marketers.

Another tip to consider is to check the reputation and credibility of the company you want to join by reading comments and reviews online. This will help you ensure your company's authority and reputation in the CPA industry.

  • Step Four: Analyze customers and find appropriate ways to attract and persuade them

After choosing the right offer, the next step is to get to know your target customer better and learn more about their online activities . You need to create a target customer (buyer persona) and then determine the best strategy to attract and convince them to do what you want.

  • You can follow one of the following options to attract visitors:

Search engine advertising: You can create advertising campaigns on search engines such as Google Ads to target people searching for terms related to your offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You can optimize your website content to appear in organic search results for users searching for relevant content. Social Media Marketing: You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create targeted advertising campaigns to the right audience.

Display ads: You can display interesting ads on different websites and apps to attract attention and visitors. Pay-per-view (PPV) ads: These ads target specific viewers and pay for each ad view. Native ads: These ads are integrated into the content of the page they appear on, making Increases its effectiveness.

Marketing with Email Campaigns: You can create email campaigns targeting people who have signed up to your email list.

  • Step Five: Analyze and track your marketing campaigns and continuous improvement

Once you launch your ad campaigns, you need to wait and closely monitor the campaign results and performance. You can closely monitor your campaigns using various tools and software.

You will learn which of these campaigns are successful, which achieve the desired results, and which do not achieve the desired level. In this context, analysis, monitoring and testing become your most important weapons. In fact, the keen interest in analysis, observation and experimentation is of great importance. The big difference between a marketer who makes thousands of dollars a day and another who makes 50 dollars a day on the same offer depends on the level of interest and care in these areas. 

  • The best traffic sources used in marketing CPA offers

Before we discuss the traffic sources used in the CPA industry, we should note that a marketer can use creative strategies to attract visitors to his website or offerings. It is difficult to cover all traffic sources and visitor attraction strategies in one article or even one book. Therefore, in the rest of our article, we will focus on the most widely used and popular sources among marketers.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search engine marketing is one of the most popular traffic sources in the CPA industry. This source is characterized by its ability to get high-quality traffic and higher conversion rates. This success depends on choosing the right search terms to attract your target customers. You can also target your customers and easily expand your ads if they are successful.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful traffic source that can bring in large amounts of high-quality traffic. However, SEO requires a lot of effort and time to learn and implement correctly. SEO results may take a long time to appear, and you need constant follow-up to improve the site and content appropriately.

3. Free marketing via social media platforms

Marketing through social media platforms is an effective traffic source if used correctly. You can get amazing results by writing high-quality content and understanding your target audience. However, this type of marketing needs a lot of effort to understand customers' intent and how to attract them. In addition, viral marketing can be very effective in attracting targeted customers.

4. Paid marketing via social media platforms

Paid social media marketing is a completely different aspect of organic marketing. Due to the huge number of social media users and their activities on these platforms, marketers can target their ideal customers very easily.

For example, Facebook marketers can identify specific information about their target audience, ensuring accurate targeting and amazing conversion rates if the tools are used correctly. In addition, the possibility of sharing content by individuals can bring large amounts of traffic through audience interaction with it.

5. Native Ads

Native Ads have become very popular in recent years. According to Wordstream, 90% of publishers are using this type of ad in their campaigns or plan to use it in the near future.

Inline ads look and feel similar to the site's original content, making them appear as part of the natural content. Because visitors don't easily realize they're ads, they're more willing to click and explore them. This explains its success and popularity among marketers.

6. Pay-Per-View Ads (PPV Ads)

Pay-per-view advertising, or what is known as PPV, represents one of the powerful and effective forms of traffic sources, although it is not very common in our Arab world. This type of advertising is also known as cost per view advertising (CPV or Cost Per View).

Among the most popular types of PPV ads are pop-up ads, such as Pop-Up and Pop-Under, as well as domain redirect ads.

There are several leading companies offering PPV advertising services, such as RTX® Platform, PropellerAds, and ExoClick.

7. Push Ads

Push Ads are an important source of traffic and are widely used in CPA offers, especially those targeting mobile devices. This type of advertisement appears on phone screens as notifications, which easily attracts users' attention.

Push notification ads are widely used and considered one of the important sources for CPA marketers. He points out that this type of advertising is not limited to professionals only, but is also easy to use, which makes it suitable for beginners who are looking to make profits through it.

8. Display Ads

Visibility networks are another important traffic source to consider. Although it is considered a relatively traditional source, it is still constantly used in the CPA industry.

It should be noted that impression networks are not always the optimal choice for CPA marketers due to the complexity of management and high cost compared to other traffic sources. However, this type of network can be useful in retargeting potential customers and leveraging its features as a powerful marketing tool.

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