5 tips to get the most out of your new smartphone

5 tips to get the most out of your new smartphone

Experts revealed five reliable tips to make the best use of useful applications on your smartphone, as well as to ensure your optimal and efficient use of the smartphone.

Protective case for the phone

We all like to use our new mobile phones without cases or any protection, to keep it looking as good as possible and feel comfortable to hold. Plus, the caseless and tempered glass gives us a great tactile feel.

However, we must realize that this behavior is irresponsible and we should all adopt protection at least for a while, through the use of covers and tempered glass In addition, we strongly recommend these protective measures.

If you have invested a large amount in buying a mobile phone, do not buy cheap covers from unreliable stores, as they may not provide the necessary protection in the event of a phone fall or an unexpected accident. We may face big problems if we are not prepared.

Check for available updates

Before you enjoy your new mobile device and install the apps you use regularly, we strongly advise you to check for available updates first. itself but also your experience.

Once you make sure that there are available software updates and install them if necessary, you can then start using your new mobile device normally. This step ensures that you take full advantage of the device's features and improve its performance in the long run.

Smartphone synchronization with Google

If your new smartphone is running Android as an operating system, there is an essential step to take after checking for available updates which is to sync your device with your Google account via email, this step will give you access to your mailbox but it will also enable you to take advantage of the services and features of the giant Google.

If you are using another type of device, you must synchronize and associate your email account with the entire device for example:

  • If you are using an iPhone, you should not only sync your email account, but also register yourself in the Apple Store and activate other Apple applications to start using them easily and without problems.

Recover data from old phone

It can often be a complicated thing to get started with a new smartphone is to transfer and restore data from the old phone, if you are a backup lover and have your data synced in the cloud, it can be very easy otherwise it can turn into a worry.

It's often as simple as transferring photos, videos, and music that were stored on your old phone to your new device, as you can simply plug it into your computer and transfer in a few minutes. However, the process of transferring contacts can be more complicated, especially if you're changing a SIM card.

5 settings you need to enable to get the most out of your phone

Remove unwanted objects from the phone

Most of the mobile devices available in the market often have a wide range of pre-installed applications which we may never need in many cases, if your new device allows you to remove or disable these applications then you better do it now, this step will save you extra space And you'll cut down on complexities and won't mindlessly consume your new smartphone's resources.

However, not all devices allow uninstalling or disabling pre-installed apps in which case you can just ignore them and put them aside and in the best case, you can group them in a folder to collect them in one place and reduce their impact on the interface of your device.

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