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E-commerce and tips on creating a professional online store


E-commerce services have become a source of attraction for many businessmen and investors because of their low cost and ease of management compared to physical stores, but despite this, people fall into the inability to know how to choose the best types of e-commerce that suit them, and this is what we will learn about in This blog.

E-commerce is defined as the process of buying and selling goods, goods and all services, but through the Internet, where e-commerce customers can complete all purchases and sales through their computers or phones with ease.

It is a modern form of completing buying and selling operations in the local markets, but online through digital means. It also saves you time in visiting stores, as e-commerce has become very popular in recent years because of its wonderful features and its good ability to reach wider markets, large geographical areas, and access as well. To clients from all over the world.

E-commerce and tips on creating a professional online store

Advantages of e-commerce

Below we will mention to you the most important reasons that make electronic commerce an attractive option and a successful project in this period and a good means of prosperity towards the future, among these benefits:

1. Quick access

When you have a physical store on the ground, you are geographically limited to your local and neighboring markets, in addition to that it is difficult for you to establish other branches of your store everywhere around the world, while one of the most important advantages of e-commerce is that it has eliminated this restriction.

Through e-commerce, you can market and sell all your products anywhere in the world to anyone who has the Internet, and guarantee your right by receiving payments from recognized electronic payment methods with ease. You can also now contract with international shipping companies such as Aramex and other responsible companies. For safe delivery of products in any country in the world.

2. Available 24 hours

Stores and markets on the ground are usually associated with specific working hours, so that the customer is obligated to go to the product or market at the specified working hours, even if they do not fit your times.

However, the term e-commerce and online stores came to enable you to browse goods, goods and all the services you need at any time in an easier, smoother and more flexible way as well. These markets and stores are available 24 hours a day.

This feature is an excellent opportunity for all clients and customers, as today anyone can get what they want at any time that suits him, even in the late hours of the night, as well as a great opportunity for merchants to buy goods without waiting due to official holidays that affect the percentage of sales and reduce revenues.

3. Cost saving

One of the advantages of e-commerce companies is that they have lower operating costs compared to local stores, for example, in e-commerce there is no payment of rent or costs of building and preparing the organization of the store, as happens in the case of traditional stores, and it does not cost you the responsibility of employee salaries, printing advertisements and the consequent costs Expensive costs.

Rather, with the advancement of technology now, you can create and obtain a free online store in simple minutes, with ease and without large costs.

4. Targeted Marketing

Online store owners can collect amazing amounts of data to ensure targeting the right people who buy their products, as many tools and programs have been developed such as Google Trends, which provides you with a lot of important information in managing your advertising campaigns and how to market your products.

In addition to social media, which has become accessible to everyone now, and in front of which people around the world spend long hours throughout the day, as it is one of the most important means to promote your online store and all your products.

Ecommerce Basics - Tips on creating a professional online store

Store identification

One of the most important basics of e-commerce when creating a professional online store is to determine the type of products that will be displayed, which is the answer to the question of what will you sell in this store, so you must initially select the products that you want to sell accurately and make sure that they are really needed in the market And it has customers who are interested in buying it or not.

In other words, if you want to work professionally, you must study the markets in a detailed way in order to understand the consumer's behavior and desires, in addition to the products that he cares about and constantly searches for.

You can use many services, for example, the famous Google tools that enable you to know the search volume about any product you want, and then you start with one product that has a large public demand and display it in the rest of the stores a little so that you can achieve a good financial return for you.

Define the name of the store

You can support your store with your own name, or a name you like, but it must be (short - simple - easy to understand - distinctive) so that it distinguishes you from others as necessary, but the name of the store must be compatible with the specialization of the products that you offer as well, as it is not logical You give the store a harsh name when you sell flower products, for example, or you call it a childish name when you offer products for men, because that reduces the value of your store to customers and makes them unattractive, and you will not be able to complete the buying and selling process.

Some may resort to choosing long compound names and waste a lot of time and effort in finding a rare name that has no equal, but this matter is not good, as all that matters in the end is the quality of service of the products that you offer, so I advise you not to drown yourself in this maze . Choose the store name carefully, but don't overdo it.

Best e-commerce companies 2023

Study the online store

Now you must calculate the budget that you intend to spend on your project and determine the basic parameters to determine the efficiency of your products and the quality of the project, in addition to studying the obstacles and problems that you are likely to encounter in order to be able to overcome them without the store being affected by anything, all of this must be taken into account through a feasibility study Online store.

Best e-commerce companies 2023

Amazon amazon

It was established in the late nineties in the United States of America, where Amazon is one of the best e-commerce companies.

Alibaba website

It is a Chinese company that is one of the most famous international companies in the field of e-commerce, and the Alibaba platform is now one of the most visited sites on the Internet.


One of the leading companies in the fields of electronic commerce, since 4 years ago, eBay has branches in 32 countries around the world, and what distinguishes the eBay platform from others is the possibility of holding electronic auctions and the participation of customers in them to buy what they want through this auction or enjoy it.

Walmart website

The oldest e-commerce company, it was founded in 1962 and now Wal-Mart has 11,510 stores in 27 countries around the world and operates under different names.

Namshi website

A unique website that specializes in buying and selling clothes only. The site also displays a wide variety of clothes from the latest trends. Namshi International is characterized by many convenient services in terms of payment, receipt and return.